Digital Voice Server


This is an hamradio Server, an extension to BM262. If you do not know anything about hamradio, click here.

Overview Map


This is an MultiMode Reflector, we use it for BM-TG263 and BM-TG262444. Oldstyle Dashboard  Responsive Dashboard 

YSF DE-Oberbayern <=> BM-TG26285

This is where radio amateurs from the region of upper bavaria, especially from the Ingolstadt area, meet.


YSF DE-Infelfreunde <=> BM-TG26444


If you want to connect to the YSF Reflector you can also use #26444

P25 TG26444 <=> BM-TG26444

A connection to the P25 Network.


BrandMeister MultiMode

This was one of the fist cross connection between BrandMeister and DMR+, later on we extend with D-Star XRF850A, YSF DE-Germany and more.

TG263 Dashboard